Emerging Analytical Professionals 2014
Penrith Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa
4th - 6th April 2014

EAP is an all inclusive weekend conference aimed at early career scientists and researchers both in industry and academia. There will be an emphasis on networking opportunities and continuing professional development activities as well as back-to-basics technique workshops as well as general interest analytical presentations and talks.

A World Goal: Celebrating Analytical Acheivements

Showcasing Analytical Science, Tackling World Issues, covering a range of disciplines: Environmental Science, Standards and Methodologies, Pharmacuticals, Forensic Science, Safety and Security and Sports Science.

Bursaries available - contact, Charlie Davis at charlie.s.davis@googlemail.com for contact email, Abstract submission deadlines;

Oral deadline - 31st January
Poster deadline - 28th February

Date: 4th - 6th April 2014
Location: Penrith Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa
Application and Fees: Day rate £180
Attending partners £110
Free for Invited speakers and free for NERC sponsored PhD students
For Further Information: Please contact Samantha de Mello.

Programme to Follow.