Chemistry Meets Technology III

9th December 2003 at the Olympia Conference Centre,

This meeting is jointly organised by the RSC High Throughput Chemistry & New Technologies Group and the Society of Chemical Industry Fine Chemicals Group.

The evolution of high throughput chemistry has brought chemists working in close collaboration with mechanical and software engineers who provide an array of enabling technologies.

Date: Tuesday, 9 December 2003
Location: Olympia Conference Centre, London
Application and Fees: £ 117.21 for RSC & SCI members. £ 160.39 for non-RSC & SCI members. £ 58.60 for RSC Students & £ 80.20 for non-RSC Students . Fees include lunch, refreshments.
For Further Information: Please contact Michele Sahrle, see "Contact Us". DeadLine for registration is 3 December 2003
Exhibition: An exhibition will be run alongside the meeting.

Chairman: Tim Sparey. Merck, Sharpe & Dohme
09:00 Registration and Coffee
09:50 Introduction
10:00 Confocal Nanoscanning - AIDA technology: A strategy towards the identification of a code of molecular recognition between small molecules and target proteins
Manfred Auer - Innovative Screening Technologies
10:40 Combinatorial synthesis of natural products: Library syntheses of aurilide and macrosphelide using polymer- support
Takayuki Doi - Tokyo Institute of Technology.
11:20 Generation of pyrimidine and 1,3- thiazine libraries using solution- and solid-phase strategies, polymer-supported reagents and scavenger resins
Oliver Kappe - Karl-Franzens-University Graz
12:00 Lunch
Chairman: Elizabeth Farrant
13:00 Expanded diversity using stereocontrolled synthesis
John Porco - Boston University
13:40 Natural product structure as guiding principle for compound library development
Herbert Waldmann - Max-Planck-Institut
14:20 Peptides to non-peptides. Finding new structural classes with the same biological function
Andy Vinter - Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd
15:00 Tea and Coffee
Chairman: Avril Robertson, Tripos Receptor Research
15:40 Multi-component purification platforms: Development, potential and impact
Krystyna Holden - Millennium Pharmaceuticals
16:20 KEYNOTE LECTURE, Science, Art and Drug Discovery - a Personal Perspective
Simon Campbell FRS - formerly Senior Vice President for Worldwide Discovery and Medicinals R&D Europe, Pfizer
19:00 Finish