The RSC Materials Chemistry Forum
29 June 2004 - High Throughput Materials Science.

The RSC Materials Chemistry Forum and High-Throughput Chemistry and New Technologies Group would like to invite you to participate in this one-day symposium.

High Throughput techniques are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector and have revolutionised the drug discovery process. Similar methodologies are now being developed for the synthesis of functional materials - both soft and solid state materials. This meeting aims to examine the methodologies and techniques needed for high throughput materials science and look at the problems that need to be solved before the technology becomes commonly used in industry.

Date: 29th June, 2004
Location: Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London
For Further Information: Please contact Michele Sahrle.

Meeting is scheduled to start at 09.30 (registration and coffee) and finish at about 17.00 Lunch and refreshments will be included

10:20 Welcome from Chair: Professor Richard Catlow, University College London.
10:30 Exploiting The Innovators Dilemma: New Paradigms In Polymer Science
Eric Amis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
11:10 The Richness Of Biomedical Polymer Libraries
Steve Brochinni, University of London, School of Pharmacy
11:40 High Throughput Methods To Electrofunctional Materials At Southampton
Mark Weller, UUniversity of Southampton
12:10 Combinatorial Chemistry Of Liquid Crystalline Materials - From Design To Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships
Peter Baeuerle, University of Ulm, Germany
14:00 Combinatorial And High-Throughput Approaches In Polymer Science
Ulrich Schubert, Technische Univeriteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
14:30 14.30 Accelerated Discovery Of CO2-Soluble Polymers: Synthesis, Screening, And Parallel Solubility Measurement
Andrew I. Cooper, University of Liverpool
14:50 High Throughput Raman Microscopic Study Of Pharmaceutical Formulations Under Controlled Humidity
S. G. Kazarian, Imperial College London
15:10 Computational Combinatorial Catalysis
Samuel A. French, Royal Institute
15:50 High-Throughput Methods For The Preparation And Characterization Of Hybrid Materials And Molecular Sieves
Thomas Bein, University of Munich, Germany
16:20 Leveraging High Throughput Experimentation At The Materials-Biology Interface
John Newsam, fqubed, USA
16:50 Summing Up And Close Of The Meeting