The Royal Society of Chemistry
7 December - New Horizons in Molecular Informatics

How can we best create, manipulate and integrate molecular data to deepen our understanding of molecules and their properties and to allow novel in-silico experimentation? The main themes for this symposium are the integration and analysis of data between chemical, biological and pharmaceutical sciences and ontologies - the representation of knowledge. The symposium will be of interest to scientists in chemical and biochemical research in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia, and to all those with an interest in creating and using chemical and biochemical information science.

Date: 7 December, 2004
Location: Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Application and Fees: RSC Members 110.00, Non-members 145.00, Student Members 35.00, Student Non-members 60.00
For Further Information: Please contact Michele Sahrle.

09:00 Registration and Coffee
10:00 Explorations into Biochemical Pathways
Johann Gasteiger - University of Erlangen, Germany
10:50 New Methods for Similarity-Based Virtual Screening.
Peter Willett - University of Sheffield
11:40 The technical and social implications of Bioinformatics.
Michael Ashburner - European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge.
12:30 LUNCH
14:00 Molecular and Medicinal Informatics: New Ways to Impact Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry, including Productivity and Attrition
Jonathan Mason - Pfizer Global Research & Development
14:50 Representation and use of Chemistry in the Global Electronic Age
Peter Murray-Rust - University of Cambridge
16:10 Electronica Notebook for Merck Medicinal Chemistry.
Allan Ferguson - Merck & Co