The Royal Society of Chemistry
23 March 2005 - Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

This meeting will focus on the latest research into self-assembly for nanostructure fabrication in its broadest sense and the implication of this research for bottom-up and top-down nanomaterials synthesis.

This is particularly timely as the recent Royal Society report on nanotechnology has identified self-assembly as an area of key importance underpinning de elopments in the production of nanomaterials, nanowires, bionanotechnolgy, including biopolymers and lithographic techniques for the electronic/semiconductor sectors.

Note: If you would like to present a poster at this meeting, please send a short abstract to

Date: 23 March 2005
Location: University of Nottingham
Application and Fees: RSC Members 65.00 inc VAT and Bank Charges, Non-RSC Members 100.00 inc VAT and Bank Charges, Student RSC Members 30.00 inc VAT and Bank Charges,
* Student Non-Members 35.00 inc VAT and Bank Charges
For Further Information: Please contact Michele Sahrle.

* Student Non-member fee includes free student membership subscription to the RSC.


09:00 Registration and Coffee
10:00 DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life
Prof. N. Seeman, University of New York, USA
11:00 DNA Self-Assembly and Molecular Machinery
Prof. A. Turberfield, University of Oxford, UK
11:35 Supramolecular chemistry at the liquid/solid interface probed by STM
Dr Steven de Feyter, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
12:10 Nanoconfinement effects in Functional Polymers
Dr Wilhelm Huck, University of Cambridge, UK
12:45 Lunch & Poster Viewing
14:00 CNT Templated Assembly of Functional Nanoscale Devices
Prof. D. Fitzmaurice, University College Dublin, Ireland
14:35 Molecules in Carbon Nanotubes
Dr. A Khlobystov, University of Nottingham, UK
15:10 Improving Pictures using Nanomaterials
Dr. Ian Newington, Kodak, UK
15:45 Tea and Coffee
16:15 An Intergrated Systems-Oriented Approach to Molecular Electronics
Prof. J.F. Stoddart, UCLA, USA
17:15 Close