27 & 28 March - Young Chemists 2003 (YC03)

MMS Conferencing is pleased to announce its first annual "Young Chemists" Symposium "YC03" to be held in London in March 2003. This year the speakers are young organic chemists from various academic institutions in the UK. The meeting is targeted at industrial delegates who will want to take a "look-see" at some of the up-and-coming organic chemists in the UK

Date: 27 & 28 March 2003
Location: Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London, W1G 9DT
For Further Information: An Exhibition will run alongside the meeting. Please contact Michele Sahrle.

Thursday, 27 March
12:00 Registration and Coffee
13:20 Opening Remarks
Professor Charles Rees FRS - Imperial College London
Chairman - Ben Davis
13:30 Stereoselective Synthesis of Natural and Non-Natural Products.
Dr Christopher J. Hayes - The University of Nottingham
14:05 Protecting Group-Free Strategies for Natural Product Synthesis: Obtusallenes IV
Dr Chris Braddock - Imperial College.
14:40 Breaking the Mirror Plane and Beyond
Dr Adam Nelson - University of Leeds
15:15 New Strategies for Natural Product Synthesis
Dr Richard Grainger - King's College, London
Chairman: Jason Eames
15:45 New Strategies for Natural Product Synthesis
Dr Richard Grainger - King's College, London
16:20 Application of Nanoreactors in Small Molecule Organic Synthesis
Dr Andrew De Mello - Imperial College
16:55 Solid-supported Isoureas for Alkylation and Halogenation Reactions
Dr Bruno Linclau - University of Southampton
17:30 Exhibition Time
19:30 Gala Dinner at the Doyle Clifton Ford Hotel, 47 Welbeck Street, London W1G
Friday, 28 March
Chairman: Steve Bull
09:00 Sulfoxides in Catalysis
Dr Gareth J. Rowlands - The University of Sussex
09:35 New Selectivity and Reactivity using Transition Metals
Dr Michael Willis - University of Bath
10:10 Tea and Coffee
Chairman: Dr Chris Hayes
10:40 Probing New Resolution Strategies
Dr Jason Eames - Queen Mary, University of London
11:15 Enantiopure Delta Lactols as New Tools for Asymmetric Synthesis
Dr Darren Dixon - The University of Cambridge
11:50 Aldolase I Antibodies in Organic Synthesis
Dr Veronique Gouverneur - University of Oxford
12:25 Lunch - Buffet
Chairman: Dr Adam Nelson
14:00 Sugars and Enzymes
Dr Ben Davis - University of Oxford
14:35 New Strategies for the Automated Synthesis of Oligosaccharides
Dr Stuart Warriner - University of Leeds
15:10 Tea & Coffee
Chairman: Dr Chris Braddock
15:40 Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New' - Recent Developments in Synthetic Methodology
Dr Steven Bull - University of Bath
16:15 Using the Temporary Connection in Stereoselective Synthesis
Dr Liam Cox - University of Birmingham
16:50 New Routes to Heterocyclic Systems from Vinylcyclopropanes
Dr Gareth Pritchard - Loughborough University
17:25 Closing Remarks
Professor Charles Rees FRS - Imperial College London