Young Chemists 2006 (YC06),
Imperial College, Lecture Theatre 311, Huxley Building
Friday 31st March

MMS Conferencing & Events is hosting a one-day conference featuring presentations from young organic chemists that have started their independent academic careers within the last five years. The topics will range from molecular pharmaceutics to asymmetric catalysis to heterocycle formation.

Date: Friday 31st March 2006
Location: Imperial College, Lecture Theatre 311, Huxley Building
Application and Fees: The rates for this meeting will be 150 for Industrialists, 65 for Academics and 35 for students.
For Further Information: Please contact Michele Sahrle.

9:15 Registration and Coffee
10:15 Opening Remarks
Professor Charles Rees, FRS CBE, Imperial College London
Session 1: Chair: Dr Chris Braddock, Imperial College London
10:20 "Transition Metal-Catalysed Desymmetrisation Reactions"
Dr Dave Lindsay, Bristol University
10:55 "Iodonium salts as precursors to fluorine-18 radiopharmaceuticals"
Dr Mike Carroll, University of Newcastle
11:30 "Substrate Directed Palladium(II) Catalysed aza-Claisen Rearrangements;
A New Approach for Natural Product Synthesis"

Dr Andrew Sutherland, Glasgow University
12:05 "Two-Directional Synthesis and Cascade Reactions: Powerful Tools for Synthesis"
Dr Robert Stockman, University of East Anglia
12:40 LUNCH
Session 2: Chair: Professor Donald Craig, Imperial College London
13:45 "Understanding, controlling and exploiting unusual observations in Pd-catalysed reactions"
Dr Ian Fairlamb, University of York
14:20 "Adventures in Diversity Oriented Synthesis"
Dr David Spring, University of Cambridge
14:55 "Ring Rearrangement Reactions of Substituted Norbornenes"
Dr John McKendrick, University of Reading
15:30 "From stereoselective cyclizations to high-throughput synthesis: New applications for samarium iodide"
Dr David Procter, Manchester University
16:05 COFFEE
Session 3: Chair: Charles Rees, FRS CBE, Imperial College London
16:40 "Some New Perspectives for Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry"
Prof Samir Zard, Ecole Polytechnique France
17:25 Closing remarks
Dr David Hollinshead, AstraZeneca
17.30 Wine reception