Young Chemists 2008
Imperial College
28 March 2008

MMS Conferencing & Events is hosting a one-day conference featuring presentations from young organic chemists that have started their independent academic careers within the last five years. The topics will range from novel synthetic methodology to polymerisations to sugars as biological probes.

Date: Friday the 28th of March 2008
Location: Imperial College, Lecture Theatre 308, Huxley Building
Application and Fees: The rates for this meeting will be 150 for Industrialists, 65 for Academics and 35 for students.
For Further Information: Please contact Michele Sahrle.

9:15 Registration and Coffee
10:15 Opening Remarks
Session 1:
10:20 "New monomer and initiators for ring opening polymerisation"
Dr Charlotte Williams, Imperial College London
10:55 "Synthetic Applications and Biological Roles of Novel Thio-Sugars "
Dr Bruce Turnbull, Leeds University
11:30 "Adventures in and new initiatives towards the synthesis of aziridines"
Dr Sean Bew, University of East Anglia
12:05 "Routeing the messenger: The synthesis of inositol polyphosphates as selective probes for cellular signalling"
Dr Stuart Conway, University of St Andrews
12:40 LUNCH
Session 2:
13:45 "The Sulfonamide Group as a Tool in Synthesis"
Dr Jon Wilden, University College London
14:20 "Journeys Through Chemical space and Glimpses of the Biological Landscape"
Dr James Dowden, Nottingham University
14:55 "Ireland-Claisen approaches to complex alpha and beta amino acids"
Dr Dave Carbery, Bath University
15:30 "Exploiting hydrogen bonding in conformational control and asymmetric catalysis"
Dr Martin Smith, University of Cambridge
16:05 COFFEE
Session 3:
16:40 "From de novo Synthesis to Automated Oligosaccharide Assembly and Carbohydrate Vaccines"
Professor Peter Seeburger, ETH, Zurich
17:25 Closing remarks
Dr David Hollinshead, AstraZeneca
17.30 Wine reception